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From restricted doorways to large openings

A folding sliding door can be installed in situations that many people feel are not possible. The solutions to your applications are endless. The folding sliding door provides you with so much flexibility and choice.

Gone are the days of French doors with a glass panel on either side. Gone are the days of the sliding door, which, when you think about it, is just a door with a large window at the side. Why block half of your available opening? Why not take full advantage of the space you have?

Even if you don’t have a fully available opening as shown, it can be a simple enough process to adjust any wall space you have to accommodate a folding sliding door. Don’t be shut in! Don’t be closed off! Open your horizons and take the inside out.

Imagine having all your friends at your home for that barbeque party on a summers evening. Everyone is squeezing in and out of that sliding door you have. How many of them after a few drinks are going to walk straight into the glass? Ouch! How many trip up over the threshold? With a glass of red wine! Allow the traffic to flow and keep the party flowing problem free. Give yourself that extra space that you need with a folding sliding door. Don’t separate your inside from the outside.

A folding sliding door can accommodate all tastes applications and building requirements. There are hundreds of colours to choose from, whether your choice is timber, aluminium or aluminium & timber clad.

There are over 100 opening styles, including: inward opening, outward opening, folding to the left, folding to the right and even folding both ways. There are threshold details to suit all applications. Some people prefer a step on the inside and outside, some prefer a step on the outside only. But for the many, they prefer flush threshold that blends the inside floor with the outside floor, especially those with children, elderly or someone in a wheel chair.

Folding sliding doors have been added to buildings for approximately 30 years now. Many people see them as big clumsy heavy doors that fall off their hinges, leak water and wind, are easy to break into and are mainly used as room dividers.

In recent years technology has changed within the folding sliding door industry. Now they have security tested locking, high resistance to water penetration and air infiltration. The hinges and rollers have sealed bearing movement to allow even the heaviest of doors to be operated easily and effortlessly.

A folding sliding door can now complement any building and can be used for endless applications. A folding sliding door can be a solution to many situations without removing or destroying the look or the character of the building. A folding sliding door now has the ability to blend into the natural environment around it.