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Customer Testimonials

Over the years we have had many happy customers, here’s what a few of them had to say

2 Panel Folding Sliding Door Installation

My wife and I decided to improve our home with a Bi-fold door company that only manufactured untreated timber door kits to be sprayed assembled and self installed or installed by professional builders. I’m fairly handy but this job was a bit too large for me to attempt, fortunately I managed to find a company named Folding Sliding Door Installations Ltd who made an excellent job of the installation for us who in addition had the doors factory sprayed and assembled.

The installation wasn’t straightforward, on removal of the existing doors the existing concrete lintel started to crack and crumble it became apparent that the lintel was not fit for purpose, however fsdinstallations quickly sourced and installed a new steel lintel to the exact dimensions of the original, so I was especially grateful for FSD Installations’ skills and professionalism which resulted in an excellent outcome.

We unfortunately had to have the door replaced due to damage after an attempted break-in and again Folding Sliding Door Installations did an excellent job in replacing the door system.

Many Thanks

John Brown

Numerous Folding Sliding Door Installations

“I have used Folding Sliding Door Installations for around 8 years. During this time they have fitted around 15 sets of doors for me in London and Hertfordshire. I have found them to be reliable and professional and quick to respond to any queries.”

Andrew Peck