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About Us

After working in the window and door industry for over 10 years and later for a folding sliding door manufacturer, I became convinced that customers who purchased products on a supply-only basis then asked local builders or general installers to fit them were practising a false economy.

Time and time again I saw cases where clients had paid hundreds or even thousands of pounds for products only to have them badly installed by builders with insufficient knowledge of how folding doors and windows operate. The result was frustration, disappointment and extra expense for customers who were forced to pay for service visits to rectify faulty installation.

There seemed to be a gap in the market for a dedicated installation service and consequently in January 2006 I set up FSD Installations as an independent company specialising in the installation of folding sliding doors.

When you ask FSDI to install your products you are employing experts in the field with specialist knowledge of how folding sliding doors and windows are manufactured and how they operate. The need for costly further service visits is eliminated – my engineers will do the job right first time!

Terence Webster
Folding Sliding Door Installations ltd